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Discover Fincas and Country Houses in Marbella

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The term finca originally refers to an agricultural property, i.e. land, usually with a cottage, country house, farm or country estate, usually with an adjoining plantation for fruit trees and vegetables.

The original Andalusian way of life on a finca revolved around life outside to spend time with friends and family. Feeling good under the blue sky and in the fresh air, immersed in the enchanting nature with breathtaking panoramic views of mountains, nature and often as far as the Mediterranean Sea and the coast – a privileged feeling.

Buy wonderful finca in Marbella

Especially in tourism the term Finca is often used in English for a rural holiday house, which is located on the Spanish mainland, on the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands or in the different countries of Latin America. This is usually called a single house, contrary to the original meaning of the term finca, is usually not on a farmed agricultural property, but rather by the specific construction and typical location the traditional character of a finca represents.

The term finca originally refers to an agricultural property

Fincas are mostly located in the inland with a lot of land, rarely are they found directly on the beach or in beach locations. From the inland, it is also rather rare to enjoy a beautiful close sea view, but views into the free nature and vegetation predominate. An adequate pool, however, is offered by many fincas and country houses in Marbella.

Luxurious Villas

The original Fincas usually have a long history and are often more than 300 years old. Especially on the Balearic Islands and in some areas of Andalusia, however, new buildings are still being built which are oriented to the historical fincas in terms of their architectural style and fall under the category of luxurious country houses and have all the technical details in terms of equipment and comfort.

The original Andalusian way of life on a finca revolved around life outside to spend time with friends and family

Villas and Fincas in Andalucia

Not every holiday home is a finca. A Finca can only be called „Finca“, if it is built traditionally from natural stones and lies on a large property. Commonly and colloquially this term is often used. Many such fincas have a secluded location, can be found in the Spanish area in the Andalusian hinterland and very widespread on the Balearic Islands.

Today, these original and historic fincas are preserved and, if possible, after checking the building requirements and the use of the land, are extended and converted into luxurious country houses that meet today’s standards but are made of the original materials such as wood and stone but are equipped with the latest technology and have plenty of land. In the Andalusian hinterland and in the hinterland around Marbella there are beautiful fincas, which are idyllically situated, blend into the landscape and present the original country life. These Fincas are used gladly as peace and vacation home, separated from any noise and turbulence, in the midst of nature.

Dreamlike Finca with Style and Ambiente

There are very beautiful and exclusive hotels in the area of Marbella called „Finca“, for example the 5 star plus hotel in Casares in the Andalusian inland, the Finca Cortesin. Here every wish is fulfilled, whether style and ambience, oasis of peace, wellness, chill, golf and tennis. A high hotel standard is offered with historical ambience and highest level.

Andalusia has a rich culture, is known for its magnificent beaches, the sun and the simple pleasures of life. Its centuries-old history makes Andalusia a unique province where people feel connected and love life. Andalusia also offers us a luxurious life. This luxury can be found in the little things: a good glass of wine, excellent ham, the convivial gathering … just enjoy life and relax.

The vacation on a Finca is not to be confused with vacation on the farm, as e.g. in UK, but is characterized by its own lifestyle. Certainly the life on a Finca in Marbella is very contrary to the life in luxurious villas in Marbella, its surroundings and in an urbanisation. The Fincas can also be simple accommodations in a secluded location, if this presents the philosophy of life.

We will gladly help you to find a dreamlike finca, a villa or exclusive property in Spain, in Andalusia in the surrounding area or in Marbella. We look forward to your call and will be happy to advise you.

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