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Home Staging – making Home Design an Experience

Geschrieben von HF Marbella auf 2. Januar 2022

Home staging in the United States dates back to the 1970s. This technique or method has been used internationally for many years in professional real estate sales and has become indispensable. The sales figures achieved through home staging give reason to take a closer look at the topic.

In Sweden, for example, around 70% of all home staging properties have been sold for years and in England, home staging has been used for more than 15 years.

In Marbella we have been offering this service for several years. A customer can often not really imagine the potential of a property, whether house or apartment, empty or inhabited. With our knowledge, staging your home leads faster to success, as we create ideal conditions for the sale of real estate through our sales-promoting property design and property presentation. Creativity of the home designer is in demand. Experience in interior design, ideally from an interior designer, is the best prerequisite for a fast and efficient implementation in order to achieve sales success – because time is money. It is not good and meaningful, if a property to be sold is presented incorrectly for too long among other properties that do no sell.

How to stage – Positioning the house in the right spotlight

The best possible presentation has a great influence on the potential buyer. The first impression is decisive, since the customer and thus the potential buyer imagines living and reside here. The property to be presented as a second-hand property should be prepared as neutrally as possible, without personal belongings of the previous owner.


Home staging in the United States dates back to the 1970s

The villas and apartments prepared by our staging companies promote the sale and put your property in the right spotlight, because the first impression of a customer in a house is extremely important and counts. It remains in the memory. The price is certainly an important criterion when selling the property, but if the ambience and thus the feel-good factor, price and location are right, success can be achieved quickly.

Arrangments for sale

Often a small change and redesign or other arrangement of the objects and staging furniture is already crucial for the potential buyer. To make your property stand out from the crowd, we recommend our professional staging service. We offer this furnishing service from our reliable interior designers. Prices for our services are optimized and depend on how extensively you want to redesign and refurbish your property and whether it is only a matter of visual improvements or reconstruction measures are to be planned.

In home staging, not only the interior is decisive, but also the presentation from the outside, i.e. the first impression of the property before entering. Regardless of the design of your own living area, a tour with customers is more about minimalism than leaving room for your own design and ideas with the potential customer. It is better to store personal things standing around to leave room for virtual creativity, because sometimes less is more.

The staging of the property should leave free space, e.g. to turn an office into an additional bedroom or vice versa, to design a fitness room into an office or bedroom or to create a granny flat with the inclusion of a basement. The versatility and extension to the needs of the customer should be presented carefully in a good presentation. Neutral colors appeal more than special patterns and are perceived as pleasant. Good lighting ensures that nothing remains hidden. Special advantages of a property should be emphasized, either emphasis with accent lighting or special framing, flowers work wonders, beautiful music and candles create coziness. During sightseeing, a refreshing drink after a strenuous tour can encourage you to find the right property.

Home Stager in Marbella

Our home staging service is based on over 30 years of experience in the sale and marketing of high-quality real estate. Designing and presenting are a must for the sale of high-quality real estate in Marbella. We work with reliable partners for interior design with a lot of experience and creativity. Our prices for home staging are competitive, the implementation can be done according to your wishes and your budget. If a customer feels addressed during the first inspection, the sales chances increase enormously, because we would like to get the maximum out of your home in order to sell it quickly. We advise you in our office in the Golden Mile and would be happy to introduce you to our staging companies on request. Our sales promotion principle will inspire you – we are your professional broker and your home designer.

Do you have questions about home staging? Then get in direct contact with us! Many more helpful articles and tips can be found in our own Blog.

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