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Real estate market in Marbella

Geschrieben von HF Marbella auf 8. Juli 2016

During the first quarter of 2016, the real estate market in Marbella has steadily improved. The property crisis seems to be over. Since the beginning of 2016 the volume of sales has shown continuously growth.

With regard to price level, it remains predominately a buyers market. In 2016 the property prices also for consolidated areas, still remain between 15 and 20% under peak levels. The situation for some vendors is still critical.

Slowly but surely the property market is cleansing itself. The opportunities for bankruptcy bargain hunters are becoming fewer. The market is consolidating and the property price level is adjusting itself in line with the increasing demand.

Here on offer are attractive medium to long term investments together with an improvement in living standard, especially for buyers from strong economic regions within the European community and also from overseas, Even pessimists realize that the real estate depression has finished and are quickly securing properties for themselves before prices continue to increase.

Reasons for the steady growth

  • The large quantity and divergent composition of the buyer structure in Marbella is independent from the Spanish national economic situation. A large part of clients come from strong economic regions in and outside Europe. The unfavourable economic situation within Spain has therefore no influence on the current liquidity and structural development of Marbella.
  • Interest rates remain on a record low and offer many investors cheap mortage rates. Property in this region offers higher middle term returns compared to other forms of investments.
  • The return to property values, the change in investor behavior and the fear of a renewed finance crisis in the coming years compel many buyers to act quickly before the prices on the property market here start to explode.
  • The increasing number of tourists, which broke all records in 2014 and 2015, leads to a rise in demand.
    Regardless of hotel tourism, the local apartment and private tourism could further develop its relevance within this sector.
  • The trend away from the classical hotel tourism towards private tourism rental, the building of marketing platforms in this sector together with the general increase of demand offers visionary investors and buyers great potential to acquire property at still relatively moderate prices. Be it a second or holiday home or as a medium term investment object resulting in the participation in the tourism boom, the time to start could not be more favourable.

Compared to many other Spanish towns, Marbella is a safe place to live. It has the best climate in the whole Mediterranean region, offers a year-round season and thus almost all year tourism. The beauty and functionality here with its numerous golf courses, restaurants, shopping malls, nightlife and elements of lifestyle provide a tailored offer for all age groups.

Tradition and exclusivity, obliges

  • As pioneers in Marbella with 30 years of experience, we offer our international clients profound market competence, seriousness and a first-class selected portfolio of properties in and around Marbella. Our aim is to provide you with optimized advice exactly tailored to your individual needs – we rely on long term partnerships and transparency. Our persuit of quality in all matters regarding exclusive properties has made us one of the leading estate agents in Marbella. This tradition obliges us every day anew and offers you exclusivity far away from the numerous and constantly changing estate agencies in and around Marbella.
  • Our office offers a luxury environment for a trusting and appreciative discussion regarding your dream object. For our international clients a multilingual team is available around the clock.
  • Especially for your property wishes, an exclusive network of longstanding and trustful partners complete our exclusive service offer for you.

Trust in tradition, sustainability, market competence and quality. Turn your dream property into your dream home.

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